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Rituals, Nightcrawlers, and Dead Gargoyles

To the three people who stumble across this blog, greetings! It’s been a while since my last update, and things definitely happened this winter. The Spring Equinox brings a new season of challenges and celebrations, so let’s get to it: The Black Cloak My short story, “The Black Cloak” appears in Quill & Crow Publishing’s…

Accursed Son Prequel Novel Announced

Back in September 2022 (it seems so distant now) I signed a contract with Shadow Spark Publishing for a new novel, Midnight At Bat Hollow, a prequel of sorts to Accursed Son. I submitted the first draft in December and the manuscript is currently with an editor. There will be other drafts, opportunities for words…

My Whirlwind Writing Year

I first made a serious attempt at fiction in 2014 with a short story called Gargoyles & Absinthe. A steampunk adventure that married magic and steam tech with alternate history, G&A was a mess. After receiving multiple rejections, one editor wrote that the story seemed like the first chapter of a longer work. I revised it, workshopped it,…

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