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Philcon 2021

This week I’m attending Philcon, an annual convention run by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society. Over the past 15 years I’ve participated in panel discussions with other writers at Philcon. I’ve run Ravaged Earth games in their gaming suite. I drank with industry professionals at the hotel bar. In short, I’ve had a blast connectingContinue reading “Philcon 2021”

I Got a Book Deal

After a month of holding my tongue, I can finally announce I signed a multi-book deal with Shadow Spark Publishing for my Martyr’s Vow series! The first book, Accursed Son, (which I’ve been querying, like, forever) will be published in December 2022. Readers of this blog know that Accursed Son was my MA in Writing project, oneContinue reading “I Got a Book Deal”

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