Arise, Scribes!

I Made the Local Paper

Today The Ocean City Sentinel, a local paper I used to work for before the Great Plague of 2020, ran an article about my recent honor as a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. I’m humbled that they took what was a plain ol’ press release I gave them and turned it into…

Local Author Does Good

Accursed Son was named a finalist in the Suspense category of the 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards! This is the first significant writing contest where I’ve made it to the finals. I’m thrilled with this honor, since I didn’t think I would ever get this far with my writing. Accursed Son was a labor…

Midnight at Bat Hollow: A Sorta Prequel

My novel Midnight at Bat Hollow is available for pre-order! But what exactly is Bat Hollow about? It’s a cops and vampires/horror comedy/traumatic bittersweet adventure featuring a character from my first novel, Accursed Son. Oh, and it’s a prequel. Sorta. In Accursed Son, the Legion of the Lamb biker gang hunts monsters. They excel at…

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