The Dangers of Stretching Yourself Too Thin

Apologies for no update in May. I was busy editing and writing and wrapping up another semester. Received more rejections, but that’s part of the business. Sometimes we contort ourselves in all directions. We do too much, assume too many responsibilities, and burn the candle at both ends. We’re focused on writing the Next BigContinue reading “The Dangers of Stretching Yourself Too Thin”

I Got Hitched and April Writerly Update

That’s right! Yesterday your boy married his longtime girlfriend/best friend/soulmate in a small ceremony, capping off a relationship that began 31 years ago!Let’s rewind… Back in the distant mists of time, 1991 to be exact, I met a sweet young lady in college. I was 21, she was 19. We hit it off right away,Continue reading “I Got Hitched and April Writerly Update”

AWP Conference Report, or the Great Philly Jawn-o-rama for Overly-Caffeinated Writers

Returned from the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference in Philadelphia last week with a backpack crammed with swag and my head swimming with memories. Besides the hundreds of bookmarks, pens, and notebooks I lugged home, I took away a sense of membership into a larger writing community. I joined AWP two yearsContinue reading “AWP Conference Report, or the Great Philly Jawn-o-rama for Overly-Caffeinated Writers”

March Writerly Update

With the college closed and students away for spring break, these past seven days have been anything but a time of quiet reflection and relaxation. No alcohol-fueled bacchanalias for this weary scribe. Instead, I’ve been super busy and here’s what’s up: I’m attending the AWP Conference! The Association of Writers & Writing Programs is throwingContinue reading “March Writerly Update”

Writing from Chaos

The world is exploding, shifting, fracturing. We’re all bearing witness to global catastrophes occurring all at once in real time. Climate change. Pandemic. Civil unrest. The war will be televised in high definition and broadcast on Twitter. Humans gawping into their tiny screens, soaking in the chaos, watching while the environment shuts down, tanks rumbleContinue reading “Writing from Chaos”

January’s Writerly Update

Welcome to 2022! Wait, what? 2022? Really? Time flies, doesn’t it? Writing achievements and milestones await us. This is the year ACCURSED SON will debut, and I’m refining the book until I hand it over to the publisher this summer. Writers grind away at their work, battling anxiety, depression, and impostor syndrome. Between enormous doubtContinue reading “January’s Writerly Update”

My Transformative Writing Year

I’m sitting here five days before Christmas crunching on a lone taco shell, watching Avengers: Endgame, and contemplating how my life went sideways.  Year two of the pandemic sure has been one chaotic mess for writing. Words spilled out onto the page, then dried to a trickle. Successes were few and far between while failures stuckContinue reading “My Transformative Writing Year”

Philcon 2021

This week I’m attending Philcon, an annual convention run by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society. Over the past 15 years I’ve participated in panel discussions with other writers at Philcon. I’ve run Ravaged Earth games in their gaming suite. I drank with industry professionals at the hotel bar. In short, I’ve had a blast connectingContinue reading “Philcon 2021”

I Got a Book Deal

After a month of holding my tongue, I can finally announce I signed a multi-book deal with Shadow Spark Publishing for my Martyr’s Vow series! The first book, Accursed Son, (which I’ve been querying, like, forever) will be published in December 2022. Readers of this blog know that Accursed Son was my MA in Writing project, oneContinue reading “I Got a Book Deal”