Working with an Editor

For the last month I’ve been busy. Busy writing. Busy reading. Busy pulling dead polecats from the garbage disposal (aka getting my stories rejected). And busy working with an editor for Accursed Son. I wasn’t sold on hiring editors, until I hired one. It’s well worth the expense, especially if your plot is complicated andContinue reading “Working with an Editor”

Find Your Voice

I’m coming down from the euphoric high that was #UCIJRetreat2021 and had an interesting development regarding my #RevPit entry. #RevPit is a contest where writers submit five pages to their editors of choice, who review them and determine if they’re worthy for eight-week, one-on-one editing sessions. I submitted the first five pages of Accursed Son, myContinue reading “Find Your Voice”

My First Virtual Writing Retreat

It began with us bellowing at the top of our lungs, “I AM A WRITER!”, a primal scream echoing throughout Zoom.  It would end with 20 kindred spirits becoming friends and bonding over writing. Proclaiming yourself a writer to others is a courageous act. I spent last weekend at the #5amwritersclub’s Unforgettable Characters & IncredibleContinue reading “My First Virtual Writing Retreat”

Deep in The Feels and ascending Failure Mountain

There’s a reason why I haven’t updated the blog in a few months. I’ve been writing. Head down, butt in chair, fingers on keyboard writing. I wrote three short stories and submitted them for publication. Lately, I’m on a short story kick. Crafting short stories takes time and energy, both of which I strangely haveContinue reading “Deep in The Feels and ascending Failure Mountain”

My Writing Life During This Pandemic Year: A Recap

Let me begin by proclaiming with gusto and conviction that 2020 sucked. It sucked hard. For many people, especially those who lost loved ones and friends to COVID-19, this pandemic year was the suckiest suckfest ever to have sucked. In March I was temporarily laid off from my 17-year career. Naïve and brimming with optimism,Continue reading “My Writing Life During This Pandemic Year: A Recap”

I Won NaNoWriMo!

Every November, National Novel Writing Month tests the strength and endurance of many budding scribes. They throw down the gauntlet and enter the arena doe-eyed newbies. After 30 days they emerge as shellshocked, bitter, and crazed wordsmiths, wondering why they ever agreed to anything so mentally scarring and ludicrous. NaNoWriMo, if you don’t know, isContinue reading “I Won NaNoWriMo!”