Midnight at Bat Hollow: A Sorta Prequel

My novel Midnight at Bat Hollow is available for pre-order! But what exactly is Bat Hollow about? It’s a cops and vampires/horror comedy/traumatic bittersweet adventure featuring a character from my first novel, Accursed Son. Oh, and it’s a prequel. Sorta. In Accursed Son, the Legion of the Lamb biker gang hunts monsters. They excel atContinue reading “Midnight at Bat Hollow: A Sorta Prequel”

Writing the Po-Po: Creating Cop Characters in 2023

As a former newspaper reporter, I covered the police in various municipalities throughout my career. I interviewed LEOs (law enforcement officers) from local municipal police departments, county sheriff’s offices, State Police, and the FBI. They talked about their past cases, their routine patrols, their beefs and gripes.  I drew upon this experience when I wrote MidnightContinue reading “Writing the Po-Po: Creating Cop Characters in 2023”

Rituals, Nightcrawlers, and Dead Gargoyles

To the three people who stumble across this blog, greetings! It’s been a while since my last update, and things definitely happened this winter. The Spring Equinox brings a new season of challenges and celebrations, so let’s get to it: The Black Cloak My short story, “The Black Cloak” appears in Quill & Crow Publishing’sContinue reading “Rituals, Nightcrawlers, and Dead Gargoyles”

Accursed Son Prequel Novel Announced

Back in September 2022 (it seems so distant now) I signed a contract with Shadow Spark Publishing for a new novel, Midnight At Bat Hollow, a prequel of sorts to Accursed Son. I submitted the first draft in December and the manuscript is currently with an editor. There will be other drafts, opportunities for wordsContinue reading “Accursed Son Prequel Novel Announced”

My Whirlwind Writing Year

I first made a serious attempt at fiction in 2014 with a short story called Gargoyles & Absinthe. A steampunk adventure that married magic and steam tech with alternate history, G&A was a mess. After receiving multiple rejections, one editor wrote that the story seemed like the first chapter of a longer work. I revised it, workshopped it,Continue reading “My Whirlwind Writing Year”

Accursed Son is Out!

Good news, everyone! My debut novel Accursed Son is unleashed upon the world. Publication day makes me nervous. I spent years writing, researching, and editing about 70 drafts, worked with numerous editors, and led unsuspecting beta readers on a journey. What started out as a grad school project evolved into a published novel. The manuscriptContinue reading “Accursed Son is Out!”

I Won NaNoWriMo And All I Got Was A Sense of Smug Satisfaction

Not gonna lie. I like National Novel Writing Month. I can almost see the thousands of eyes rolling in unison. Hear me out. National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo to al the cool kids) takes place every November. Writers sign up and update their progress online as they (drumroll, please) write a novel for 30Continue reading “I Won NaNoWriMo And All I Got Was A Sense of Smug Satisfaction”

Philcon Round-Up

I attended Philcon, the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society’s annual convention last weekend. It’s a small and intimate convention, one for science fiction and fantasy fans, a mostly literary shindig, although panels on movies, pop culture, and science are thrown into the mix. This is my 15th Philcon. When I first attended, I was a participant,Continue reading “Philcon Round-Up”