Dear Leader Tales

My short story “Rogue Scholars” is included in Dear Leader Tales, a collection of stories and poems published by Feral Cat Publishers. “Rogue Scholars” is the first story in the anthology, which includes work from 37 writers who present their quirky visions of dictatorships and abuses of power. 

While the anthology’s origins developed in response to the dreaded 2020 presidential election, not all stories are about politics. There are tyrannical kitten overlords, spouses, demons, CEOs, and tin-pot dictators of every stripe. 

“Rogue Scholars” is about a school for would-be despots, blending humor and intrigue with jilted student romance.

Here’s my pitch for “Rogue Scholars”:

Penelope Valdez, pampered daughter of Santo Monstruo’s bloodthirsty dictator, aspires to inherit her family’s tyrannical rule. After an acceptance letter arrives from Ironfist University for Authoritarian Studies, Penelope is enrolled in the world’s most exclusive private school, where the children of despots learn lethal lessons in clandestine comfort. Between torture classes and forced pep rallies, Penelope finds herself attracted to the son of an up-and-coming oligarch, and infatuation turns deadly as her obsession grows.   

I want readers to savor their time at Ironfist University, understand Penelope’s struggles socializing with other students, receive unusual care packages from home, and proudly sing the school fight song. Go Weasels!

Dear Leader Tales is available now in both Kindle and paperback versions for your readerly consumption. 

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