September’s Writerly Update

Man, I haven’t been updating this blog in a while, huh?

My bad, fam.

Things have been happening and I’ve just been too busy. That sound like a lame excuse, like, “My dog ate my homework” or “She came on to me first” or “But he was already dead when I got here, officer.”

I’ve been busy this month.

Let’s do this:

I’m Teaching

In late August I accepted a position as an adjunct professor at my local community college. I’m teaching English composition. My students are awesome and while there were stumbling blocks at first with my learning curves on the job, it’s all clicking now. Did you ever have moments to yourself that felt absolutely natural, that you were put on Earth to do a specific thing? I don’t believe in fate or predeterminism, but this teaching gig seems like a good fit. For years people have asked me if I was a teacher or that I look like a professor.

Hmmm. Maybe there’s something to this destiny thing after all.

Anyway, helping students write is what I really want to do, and each time they succeed or ace an assignment, I feel ten feet tall. No wonder why teaching is referred to as “the noblest profession.” There’s something about teaching writing and research fundamentals and bringing out the inner writer in people that’s satisfying.

Querying Trenches

I’m still in the querying trenches. I entered PitWars, sent my queries out to agents and small publishers, and I’m waiting for a few nibbles. So far, the trenches are muddy and cold and filled with flesh-eating rats. I’m a veteran of querying. I’ve been querying agents, magazines, anthologies, literary journals. I’ve received encouraging feedback from some, but mostly the same bland form rejections.

Rejections. I could paper my house with rejection letters. I could build a house out of rejection letters, burn it to the ground, and build another.

But no matter. I’m still slogging around in those trenches.

Cryptid Anthology

I’m writing a story for an anthology called Conspiracies & Cryptids: Everything Is True. The stories contain some kind of cryptid: Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, the Loch Ness Monster, etc. I won’t reveal which cryptid I’m writing about, but this story will be filled with humor, heartache, and characters that are near and dear to me.

And that’s it for now. Thanks for reading this far.

Who are the best fans?

You are. You’re all the best fans.

See you in October with more mirthful wordage and blandishment.

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