March Writerly Update

With the college closed and students away for spring break, these past seven days have been anything but a time of quiet reflection and relaxation. No alcohol-fueled bacchanalias for this weary scribe. Instead, I’ve been super busy and here’s what’s up:

I’m attending the AWP Conference! The Association of Writers & Writing Programs is throwing their annual shindig in Philadelphia from March 23 to 26 and yours truly will be in attendance. This will mark my second AWP conference (my first was in Washington, D.C. in 2017) and I’ve anticipated attending this one in Philadelphia, which is practically in my back yard. I’m looking forward to making connections and attending panel discussions. But what to pack? How to prepare? Should I lug my manuscript and work on line edits? Should I bring my word processor and soak up inspiration from other writerly types and draft a new short story? Would a large backpack suffice for carrying home the many tomes acquired at the AWP’s Book Fair? Watch this space for my full report after the conference.

I’m getting hitched in April! While I adore having this site to share my thoughts and promote my work (Seriously, what writer doesn’t like discussing their own work?) I don’t really talk about my private life much. Until now. In April, I’m getting married to my fiancee. We first met in college way back in 1991. She asked me if I’d be her boyfriend and I told her I’d be the best boyfriend she’d ever have. Sweet and innocent puppy love. Except it barely lasted a month and we went our separate ways. Fast forward to 2010 when she finds me on social media. We start dating, she moves in with me in 2012, and we’ve been together ever since. We’ve survived a hurricane, moving, the loss of our pet, new careers, and a pandemic. She’s my soulmate (Yikes! That word is so woo-woo cringe!) and supports my writing endeavors, or whatever this whole arranging-words-on-a-page-and-praying-they-resonate-with-other-humans thing is. In April, we shall be betrothed in a small ceremony, exclusive to family and friends. Second time’s a charm for both of us. Should be a fun time. We already picked out the clothing, cake, and the song for our wedding dance. I have my thoughts on marriage, which I won’t go into here, based on my family’s toxic experiences. Just be happy for me, okay? Not too many good things are happening these days and it’s refreshing that there’s a little hope in my life.

More Scribery! Yes, the writing is continuing. I signed a contract for my short story Never Meet Your Heroes, which will appear in the anthology Three Time Travelers Walk Into… slated for a June 27 release. I completed my rollicking novella-length work Panned Peter, which will appear in Panthology, an anthology of Peter Pan-inspired stories coming out June 21. Initial response from beta readers has been positive, and I’m working on final revisions to my wildest, bawdiest, and most offensive tale yet. Hedonistic, gritty, and with a touch of pixie dust. Besides several short stories I’m trying to get published, I’m working on the sequel to Accursed Son. Though the novel isn’t out until December, it’s good to work on additional books in the series. I started writing this in November for National Novel Writing Month, and took a hiatus for the holidays, but I’ve returned to writing with a vengeance, and I hope to complete it by summer.

That’s all for me now. Until next time, be well and don’t let the bastards get you down.

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