Of Time Travel and Writing…

Con-Tinual Convention’s Hot Off the Press interviewed me, Gregory Frost, Louise Piper, Heather McKinney, Gini Koch, and Chris A. Jackson about our stories published in anthologies and our individual writing process. Thanks to Jim Nettles for hosting a great panel discussion and for Con-Tinual Convention for the invite. You can experience the panel here.

I talk about NEVER MEET YOUR HEROES, the story I wrote for THREE TIME TRAVELERS WALK INTO… an anthology where each tale includes three historical figures thrown together for an adventure. In NEVER MEET YOUR HEROES, a conman from the future steals a time travel device and unites John Dillinger, Jesse James, and Blackbeard for a dangerous heist that goes poorly at first, until mind-bending time travel technology saves them.

You can order THREE TIME TRAVELERS WALK INTO… here, and read my story, plus tales from 17 other writers! Check it out. It’s a good time.

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