See me! Hear me!

Lost Boys Press held their release party for Great Wars, an anthology containing my short horror story “Make Lovecraft, Not War” tonight. Contributing authors discussed their stories live on the Interwebs, and hosts Daniel and Dina of the Don’t Make It Weird Podcast were hilarious and made me feel right at home. Frayed nerves aside, I miraculously survived the interview. My proudest improvised moment? Vlad the Impaler at the DMV.

You can see and hear me on your screen here.

Speaking of Great Wars…

Yes, Great Wars is out! Lost Boys Press did a phenomenal job with this one. The stories in this anthology are diverse and reflect multiple genres, but all concentrate on different wars throughout history:

Eric Avedissian, “Make Lovecraft, Not War” (World War I)

Veronica S., “Ghost Dance” (Ghost Dance War)

Shaliz Bazldjoo, “Mixed Emu-tions” (Great Emu War)

Mark Mellon, “Sea Battle” (Napoleonic Wars)

Craig Patterson, “The Steam Legion” (Roman-Persian Wars)

M.J. Falke, “What’s Left for Old Gods?” (Greco-Persian Wars)

Ben H. Rome, “To Raise a Nation, Giants Must Fall” (Israelite-Philistine War)

Stephen Howard, “The Death of Henry V” (The Hundred Years War)

E.L. Lauretano, “Encarnación” (Mexican-American War)

Order your copy of Great Wars here.

On the Horizon

I’m teaching two classes this semester, so I’m busy education-wise, but what about writing? I’ve got a potentially big announcement coming up. I won’t say when or divulge what it is yet, but involves a shared universe I’m creating with Accursed Son.

Needless to say, the next few months look busy for me on the writer front. A massive case of writer’s elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome looms large in my future. Carving out a writing schedule has been tricky, but as the semester shuffles along, things are falling into place.

Know this, gentle reader. I’m extremely grateful for the editors who saw potential in my words, even though my stories read like a bad Scrabble hand. They published my work, and offered valuable feedback and criticism over the years. Because of this, or maybe in spite of it, my writing has improved. I’m not where I want to be – that’s a slog through quicksand most days – but I’m getting there, albeit slowly.

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