Accursed Son is Out!

Good news, everyone! My debut novel Accursed Son is unleashed upon the world. Publication day makes me nervous. I spent years writing, researching, and editing about 70 drafts, worked with numerous editors, and led unsuspecting beta readers on a journey.

What started out as a grad school project evolved into a published novel. The manuscript was rejected well over 40 times by agents over the years. Fortunately, Shadow Spark Publishing saw potential in my book and I’m grateful for their help in getting Accursed Son published and released. I hope my weird little indie story finds a fan base.

I’ll have more to say about this novel later. Right now the news is that my book is available in both eBook and paperback on Amazon.

Here’s the purchase link. You know what to do. Make me proud, gentle reader.

UPDATE: Accursed Son is only 99 cents on Amazon until Friday, Dec. 16, 2022. This is the Kindle version, so if you’re into eBooks and paranormal mortuary weirdness for under a buck, this deal is for you.

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