Accursed Son Prequel Novel Announced

Back in September 2022 (it seems so distant now) I signed a contract with Shadow Spark Publishing for a new novel, Midnight At Bat Hollow, a prequel of sorts to Accursed Son.

I submitted the first draft in December and the manuscript is currently with an editor. There will be other drafts, opportunities for words to be slaughtered with red ink, chances for further embellishment and flourish. Right now I’m happy to announce that I’ve got another dang book in production and it’s coming June 10!

Here’s the blurb:



COMING JUNE 10, 2023


Reece Rokowski is a dedicated police officer and stickler for law and order, but lately his life has been anything but orderly. His wife left him, his gambling debts caught up with him, and his fellow cops think he’s a joke.

Drowning his sorrows at a local watering hole, Reece meets Queenie, an alluring woman too good to be true. The night ends in disaster after Reece stumbles upon a nearly exsanguinated corpse and becomes a murder suspect. Ostracized by his colleagues, Reece investigates the case on his own to clear his name. That’s when he meets Hank and Big Earl, two bikers from the Legion of the Lamb, a clandestine group of monster-hunting bikers stalking a vampire coven.

When the bloodsuckers capture Queenie, Reece begrudgingly joins the Legion to save her before the Regens Noctis – the coven’s leader and regent of the night – plunges Modesto into chaos. Reece is pushed to the limit, changing his perception of himself and reality. Will Reece remain loyal to his badge, or ignore the law he swore to uphold and ride with the Legion on a hell-bent mission into Bat Hollow? 

The Reviews Are In!

Accursed Son has received several reviews since its December 2022 publication. I’m thrilled people are enjoying my weird mortician story, and I welcome reviews and feedback from readers. Thanks to the book bloggers who reviewed Accursed Son during the book tour.

Read a sample of the reviews published online:

“Entertaining story, multi-dimensional characters, a racing plot, and good editing. I would definitely read the next story. One of the major strengths of the series is the well-crafted quick flowing lot. It really engages the reader and keeps them flipping pages. The characters are interesting and fun to follow. Lots of ups and downs and many surprises along the way.”
– Novel News Network

“I loved this story. The pace flowed well and the characters seemed real. Dark and Gloomy but Exciting and Fresh. Mysterious and Edgy in the best way. Definitely kept you engrossed and guessing right up to the end and beyond.”
– On A Reading Bender

“Love every part of this dark (in the best way), action, adventure…it had a story that gripped my attention the whole time, I didn’t want to put the book down. The author does a great job making you feel like you’re in the thick of it with the characters throughout the course of the book. Eric Avedissian has struck an excellent balance. Fast. Engaging. Enthralling. Captivating.”
– The Indie Express

“I really enjoyed this incredible story! It’s intense in so many ways. Eric Avedissian has managed to bring together a compelling story with real problems that really draw the reader in. You are along for the ride through this adventure and it really FEELS that way. It’s dark in the best way, a superb read!”
– Texas Book Nook

Bookplates Are Available!

The custom bookplates are finally in my clutches, so if you’ve bought a paperback copy of Accursed Son, I can send you a signed bookplate and send it to you free of charge. That’s right! You can have my signature you can stick inside your book. Just let me know where to send it and I’ll do the rest. If you want me to personalize your bookplate, I can do that, too.

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