Midnight at Bat Hollow: A Sorta Prequel

My novel Midnight at Bat Hollow is available for pre-order! But what exactly is Bat Hollow about? It’s a cops and vampires/horror comedy/traumatic bittersweet adventure featuring a character from my first novel, Accursed Son.

Oh, and it’s a prequel.


In Accursed Son, the Legion of the Lamb biker gang hunts monsters. They excel at finding supernatural horrors, killing them, and (literally) burying them six feet under. Reece, a lovable asshole and former cop, is a Legion brother. Reece knows martial arts, has a beef with his former employers at the Modesto PD, and has a compulsion to read Pride & Prejudice.

The more I delved into this minor character’s backstory, the more I wanted to tell it. Midnight at Bat Hollow is Reece Rokowski’s origin story: his life as a bicycle cop, his tragic persona, and how he became a biker with the Legion. Along the way, I answer questions about the incident that got him booted from the police department, how he ended up fighting vampires in Modesto with Hank and Big Earl, and his obsession with a particular Regency romance novel.

Those who’ve read Accursed Son will spot several Easter eggs scattered throughout the book, and receive answers to questions about Reece’s behavior and background. Remember, things aren’t always what they seem, and one man’s truth is another man’s fiction.


Behold the cover for Midnight at Bat Hollow! Artist Greg Chapman illustrated a disturbing scene from the book, where Reece and the Legion visit Bat Hollow Ranch. Find more of Greg’s work here.

Midnight at Bat Hollow lands June 10 in both paperback and eBook from Shadow Spark Publishing.


In other news, I’m putting the finishing touches (heh, heh) on a short story (novella, really) called Oh Hell Yes, which shall grace the pages of Horn(y), an anthology from Shadow Spark Publishing featuring demonic erotica. It’s my most explicit work, featuring plenty of smut and sex, so I’ll understand if you buy multiple copies and gift them to friends and family. The anthology drops June 21.


With the spring semester over and summer break looming, I’m working on a sequel to Accursed Son and a few short stories. The sequel sees Tark and Vonnie in a different settling far from Fresno battling their demons. A whole mess o’ demons, in fact. I’m also plotting a high fantasy novel and historical mystery, so there’s no shortage of inspiration. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram for future updates if you’re into social media.

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